In the beginning…

The concept of ThinkHackers was born at a speaking event where we both gave talks.

Fiona spoke about confidence and owning our fears. Lisa spoke about words and how they represent us.

The reaction was what sealed the deal.

The talks ended but the session continued where people shared their stories and what they wished had been the outcome. People went away with some advice that they could and did use.

This happened at every subsequent event.

So we created a forum where our experiences and learnings could be shared.

And, in time, the stories, words and emotions discussed and reflected in this forum became the bedrock of ThinkHackers.

Who are we?

Fiona Hayes

I’m an extrovert. I think best when I’m with people, I love bringing people together and I’m not afraid to get out there and express my voice. I’ve also learned to listen so that I can read a room, sense the unspoken feelings and tailor my message to make an impact.

I got my break in broadcasting when I auditioned for the role of Head Stylist for Channel 4’s Queen of Frocks where I had to find my voice in seeing off over 400 highly creative , competitive applicants. From there I set up my events management company delivering bespoke workshops and events across Ireland.

I’ve worked for Mary Portas, Channel 4, TV3 and RTE.  I’m an expert MC and facilitator who believes people cannot express themselves unless they are truly at ease within themselves and their environment. Before every event, every TV slot, every workshop, I study how the audience will feel about the content after the event.

When I pull together events and showpieces for broadcasting, I’m working with approximately 15-30 moving parts, each with an owner and business behind them. To build long term trust relationships, I have to listen and respect their products, journeys, needs and fears. People are selling their creations and the world can be quick to judge.

I started ThinkHackers because I see people’s vulnerability, the need for people feel good about themselves and enabling them to express that confidence.

Lisa Moloney

I’m an introvert. I watch people a lot and I communicate a lot less. Yet I’ve always put myself in situations that need me to communicate clearly and effectively. And every single aspect of my communication has been learned.

I started in escalations and finished as a global IT director for a Fortune 100, building global organisations through transformation and change leadership.

Throughout my 23 years, I’ve facilitated, communicated and collaborated with top clients, top-tier partners, company executives and c-suite, in SAP, Cook Medical, Dell, Flex, JCI. I’ve driven portfolios of over $500M, stabilizing $3.2B of revenue through 1 program alone. I have built high-performing teams and organisations in 5 corporate functions across 7 different industries. All done in a global, hybrid and virtual world. And I do it by focusing on the individual first and foremost.

Trust relationships and high performing teams in the hybrid world are the norm for me and I see the great value that diversity and flexibility brings. To build that trust and bring cohesion to teams, I create communication strategies that leverage our individuality while creating bonds based on our commonality.

I started ThinkHackers because there is an empathy gap in how we communicate, leading to lack of employee trust, burnout and high turnover, more so now in these virtual times. I want to change the narrative – our employees are our greatest asset. They are our success story. Let’s help them tell that story.